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Alle Vintage oder Second Hand Gitarren werden bei uns perfekt eingestellt ! Alle Restaurierungen , Bundierungen, Lackarbeiten usw. werden in unserer eigenen Werkstatt gemacht !

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Wir kaufen Gibson , Fender USA, Gretsch USA ,Rickenbacker,usw. Second Hand & Vintage Gitarren und zahlen in Bar oder nehmen sie gerne Inzahlung auf ein neues /altes Instrument !

Alles Anbieten !

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73er Gibson Les Paul Goldtop Deluxe converted

Wonderful player with a great shaped, medium fat neck, The guitar has medium jumbo frets and plays perfectly.
The old Tim Shaw PAFs are in the typical PAF range with 7.9 Kohm output and also sound perfect.
At 4.3 KG for a les paul deluxe from the time it is quite light.

Features & Specs

No Breaks !

Original: Body and Neck included the Finish, ABR Bridge, Alutailpiece, Pots Date 1377344 ( 1973 ! ), 3 way switch,

New: Kluson Repro Tuner, Gibson Tim Shaw PAF Pickups Date Stamp 80, Jupiter Bumblebees, 50's wiring, Pickguard, Toggletip, Trusrod cover ( Original Deluxe cover is in the Case ).

S.NR: 114179 - Build 1973

Weight: 4,3 KG

including old Gibson Brown Lifton Style case!

In Stock !


70er Gibson ES 345 TD with orange label

Exceptionally well-preserved 51 year old Gibson ES 345. Original PAT Number PAF pickups.
Perfectly new refret with Sintom EH Medium Jumbos (6105 size) Since the Vario switch always significantly worsens the sound of an ES 345, even when it is switched off, we have removed it.
It is completely wired in the case in case someone wants to restore the original condition.
The guitar plays like butter! The Pat number pickups sound fantastic.
It is a very early 70s ES 345 that still has the orange label and is therefore identical to a late 69s.

Features & Specs

Original ! No Breaks or Repairs !!

New: Gibson Repro Tuner, complete new wiring with CTS TVT taper CTS pots, 50's wiring, Switchcraft 3 way switch and jacksocket and mustard cabs. Original wiring is complete included in the case !

S.NR: 963880 - Build 1970

Weight: 3,57 KG

including Gibson case!

In Stock !


52er Fender Custom Shop Heavey Relic Telecaster

Super light (2.9 KG) tele with an perfect sound ! The guitar is like new ( apart from aging, of course ). Frets have 100 % !
If a masterbuild certificate were included, I would have believed it immediately!

Features & Specs

See floor sheet picture !

Only 2,9 KG !

S.NR: R 102670  - Build 2020

In Stock ! included original Case and all Papers and Case Candys !


79er Gibson ES 335

Great sounding 42 years old ES 335. Transparent with a lot of warmth and a very good response.
The switchable single coil sound (an original feature in 1979) is also fantastic. Perfectly restored by Real Guitars and newly fretted with sintom EH 6105 style frets.
The guitar plays like butter !! The original black poti knobs are included in the case. I think these bell knobs in gold are much more beautiful on this blonde beauty.
The scope of delivery also includes an original old Bigsby tremolo that can be mounted as an alternative.

Features & Specs

All Original ! No Breaks or Repairs !!

New: 4 x  Gold Bell knobs ! The original knobs are included in the case !

S.NR: 72079092 - Build 1979

Weight: 3,66 KG

including Gibson case!

In Stock !


57 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop Dark Back VOS - Custom Shop Reissue

This 2019 version already has all of the Tru Historic features ! Lightweight! Only 3.87 KG!

The guitar is in new condition with the original VOS look !

S.NR: 7 9322 - Build 2019

included Original Brown Gibson Lifton Case ! included all Case Candys and Certificate of Authenticity

Sold !


56er Fender Cunetto Custom Shop Stratocaster

A great sounding Fender Strat from the Cunetto era! Also a very good investment! The prices for these first Fender Relic models have exploded in the last few years!

Features & Specs

2 Tone Sunburst, Light Weight Swamp Ash Body, 1 Piece Maple Killer Flamed Maple Neck !

Only 3,24 KG !

S.NR: R 2437  - Build 1997

In Stock ! included original Case and all Papers and Case Candys !


Real Guitars Custom Build S Roadwarrior   

Color: 2 Tone Sunburst
Look: Heavey Aged
Finish: Ultra Thin Nitro 
Body: Swamp Ash
Neckshape: C Fat
Neckwide: Nut = 42,6 mm / 12 Fret = 52,5mm 
Neck thickness: 1 Fret = 24.8 mm / 12 Fret = 25 mm
Neckwood: Hardrock Maple
Radius: 9,5 - 12 Zoll
Frets: 21 Sintoms EH Medium Jumbo Frets 6105
Tremolo: Aged ABM 5050 ( Made in Germany ) Vintage Tremolo with cold rolled Steelblock & saddles
Tuner: Aged Kluson Locking
Pots & Switch: CTS  Pots , CRT 5 Way Switch, Switchcraft Output Jack
Electronic: Passiv Real Guitars Volume Controller, No loss of Treble and Bass over the complete Range
Tone: RG Paper in Oil Capacitor
Pickguard: 1 Ply Aged White
Pickups: Peter Florance 50's Set
 Included 24 Hours artificial transient oscillation ! ( Künstliches Einschwingen )
Weight: 3,3 KG 

Sold !


68er Gibson ES 175

If you play such an old Original ES 175 you know again why vintage guitars are unbeatable!

Perfect re-fretting with Medium Jumbo Frets

From my Privat Stock

Features & Specs

Original: Sunburst Finish, Tuner, Original Wood Bridge is in the Case, Gibson Pat Number PAF Pickups but from the mid 70's, Tailpiece, Guard, Knobs, 3 Way Switch, Trusrod Cover, No Breaks or Repairs !!

New: 2 x CTS 500 Kohm TVT Taper Pots, Gibson ABR Bridge

S.NR: 950221 - Build 1968

Weight: 3 KG

including original case!

Sold !


73er Fender Telecaster

Dream player! Sonically one of the best 70's Teles I've had here so far!

Perfect re-fretting of Real Guitars with Sintoms EH Medium Jumbo Frets (6105)

Features & Specs

Original: Alder Body, 1 Piece Maple Neck, Tuner, Guard, Bridge, Control Plate, 3 Way Switch, Knobs, Tip, Strappins

New: Vintage White Refin by Real Guitars,  Seymour Duncan Antiquity Tele Set,  2 x CTS 250 Kohm Solid Shaft TVT Taper Pots

Only 3,4 KG !

S.NR: 376886 - Build 1973

In Stock !


1976 Gibson Les Paul Custom

Fantastic Sound ! Great shaped medium Neck !

Perfectly re-fretted with Sintom EH Big Jumbos from Real Guitars.

Real Guitars Pro Setup ! She plays like butter.

Features & Specs

All Original: 3 x Gibson Pat Number PAF Pickups !

except: New Frets ! Schaller Security Looks !

S.NR: 00123614 - Build 1976

included Original Gibson Protector Case !

Weight: 4,8 KG

In Stock !


69er Fender Stratocaster

A fantastic PLAYER! Extremely light ! Only 3.32 KG !

Perfectly re-fretted with Sintom EH Medium Jumbos from Real Guitars.

Real Guitars Pro Setup ! She plays like butter.

Features & Specs

All Original !! 3 Way Switch is in the Case ! 1 x tone pot is in the case !

except: Pickups are original old Fender grey bottom but from 72. In terms of sound and appearance, these pickups are identical to the 69 types !

            New Frets , Sintom Medium Jumbo EH 6105 Style

            Body Refin from Real Guitars in Nitro with Aging !

            Original color was 3 tone sunburst. Is still visible in the neck! See photo !

            1 x New Volume pot and  1 x new tone pot, second tone pot is original.

Serial No on Backplate: 265933 - Build 1969

Original Fender Grey bottom Pickups . All stamped 72

Bridge PU: Output: 5,4 Kohm

Middle Pickup: Output: 5.4 Kohm

Neck Pickup: Output: 5,5 Kohm

included new SCC case !

Weight 3,32 KG

Sold !


79er Fender Stratocaster in Rare Translucent Red